17 June 2015

India's does better in 'Open data barometer'

India has been ranked 34th among 77 countries in yet another open government data assessment report, as open government initiatives came under the lens at an annual summit in London last week.

As open government initiatives and models were focussed upon at an annual summit in London under the auspices of the Open Government Partnership last week, India did comparatively better in yet another international report on open government data released on the occasion.

In this report, 'Open Data Barometer', which evaluated countries on the basis of "the context, availability and emerging impacts of Open Government Data (OGD)", India was ranked 34th among 77 countries. The report was prepared by the World Wide Web Foundation and Open Data Institute and released at the summit by no less a person than Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web.

Read the news report from The Hindu

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