15 June 2015

Video is King: DIY Screencasts

Screencasting is the perfect way to show off your product. The benefits will be clear as soon as you start. You’ll see a reduction in customer queries. Prospective customers will better understand your product. And your product launches will pack a bigger punch.

Creating screencasts is often labelled as too hard or too time consuming. It’s not. It’s something you can do. (A screencast, btw, is a video recording of on-screen actions accompanied by narration).

We get asked regularly about our product screencasts and what tools and techniques we use to create them. In this post I’ll try and share some of the knowledge we’ve built up over the last year of making videos at Intercom.

There are three main categories of video we produce. We make lots of help videos to show users around our product. We also create best practice videos to educate our users so they get the most value out of Intercom. And we create launch videos when we’re releasing a new feature. But why do we focus on video so much?

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