17 June 2015

Arranging a marriage: how India does it

New numbers shed light on what the typical Indian marriage looks like

I wrote last week on inter-caste marriage and how just five per cent of women in the National Council for Applied Economic Research’s (NCAER) pan-India survey said that theirs had been an inter-caste marriage. The numbers got me thinking about arranged marriage which is another facet of marriage in India that we have very little data on.

The same round of the NCAER (2011-12), which I have advance access to, asked women if they knew their husbands before marriage. Around 18 per cent said that they did. The proportion is slightly higher for younger women and for those with more education. It's highest in Himachal Pradesh (56%), the northeastern States (50%) and Kerala (40%).

Read the news report from The Hindu

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