17 June 2015

Where will all the toilets come from?

The focus on World Toilet Day, which falls on November 19, is squarely on a large section of the global population that does not have access to toilets. Particularly women, for whom access to toilets could mean better security.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has turned the spotlight on sanitation like never before, but as World Toilet Day is observed on November 19, India finds itself among 27 countries that have to majorly grapple with the problem of open defecation (based on 2011 data).

The World Health Organization's (WHO) report, 'Progress on sanitation and drinking water - 2013 update', released last year said that more than a quarter of the population in these countries resort to open defecation. It all adds up to one billion people or 15 per cent of the global population doing so, mostly in rural areas.

Read the news report from The Hindu

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