21 June 2015

Asanas: Transform yourself

Excerpts from Payal Gidwani Tiwari’s just-released Body Goddess.

In the virtual world of floating identities, life has transformed into a series of unaccomplished realities. In the long run, what we fail to understand is that we aren’t doing justice to ourselves or our bodies. In such a situation coping with stress, anxiety, tension, depression, and loneliness becomes all the more difficult.

Asanas have a lot of benefits.

1. It promotes all-round fitness. Holistic health is possible through asanas.

2. You can lose weight by practising asanas like Suryanamaskar and Kapalabhati.

3. It improves the elasticity of the body, making it agile and flexible.

4. It strengthens the muscles and ligaments, making them resilient.

5. Regular practice helps improve the overall balance of the body, improving the posture of your body.

6. A great stress buster, asanas can help combat depression, anxiety, and tension.

7. Many diseases like hypertension, constipation, excessive fat, diabetes, asthma, and acidity can be cured.

8. Can also be beneficial during pregnancy and menstruation.

9. Detoxification is one of the most vital constituents of asanas.

10. Body ache, back pain, joint pain, and headache are also reduced.

11. By relaxing the mind and body, it can also help you in having better relationships with people around you. Mental satisfaction, happiness, and peace are some of the most important benefits of asanas.

12. You can also live longer and better if you incorporate asanas in your daily routine.

13. Immunity can also be improved through regular practice of asanas. Pranayam and other breathing exercises help build up stamina.

15. Asanas can also help you sleep better.

Excerpted with permission from Penguin India. Body Goddess; Payal Gidwani Tiwari, Penguin, Rs.250.

Source: The Hindu dt. 21st jun 2015

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