15 June 2015

Business Line on Campus -- New web portal bloncampus.com for B-schoolers and MBA aspirants.

From the Hindu BusinessLine comes a new web portal bloncampus.com designed exclusively for B-schoolers and MBA aspirants.

With a rich corporate-academia-student interface, the portal features news stories and analysis from BusinessLine’s extensive network of correspondents as well as exclusive articles by senior corporate executives and HR professionals, many of whom teach at top B-schools. The content is tailored to meet the information needs and reading style of the young, intelligent and urbane management student and will bridge a critical gap as a news and knowledge resource for students about to begin their careers. At this stage, most students look to mentors, professors and seniors in their chosen industries for guidance. This is exactly what BLoC will be – a mentor and a friend.

It will serve as a platform for interactions among students as well; they can speak with and listen to others with similar aspirations and questions. BLoC seeks to enable, educate and entertain.


  • Breaking business and economy stories of the day in Newswrap
  • BLearn, which focuses on e-learning, will complement the B-schoolers' course content with both short, jargon-buster articles and longer analytical and opinion pieces that explain important concepts in detail
  • B-School Corner features reports on placements, recruitments, campus events and B-school fests
  • In CamBuzz, students write about their experiences in B-school, voice opinions on current events, give their take on a question posed by us and outline internship experiences.
  • People@Work features stories on the world of work that new MBAs will be exposed to once they graduate. It also carries articles by young managers looking back on their MBA.
  • Entrepreneurship has stories on startups and profiles of young entrepreneurs, who can have their queries answered by a panel of venture capitalists and private equity funds. It also features a column by an entrepreneur who has been through the gamut of setting up a business -- from the early start-up stage to securing VC funding, to selling a company and starting up again.
  • Case Study contests based on real strategic problems faced by firms.
  • To bring to students the advantage of corporate insights Hangout@BLoC hosts text, audio and video interviews with industry heads, B-school faculty, and entrepreneurs. Going forward, it will be a platform for B-schoolers to interact with the corporate world through chats and Q&As
  • Columns by senior corporate executives, HR and finance professionals, brand and retail experts and academicians
  • Reports on the latest gadgets in the market, personal technology and motoring

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