15 June 2015

They have a dream, too -- An inclusive society will make it easier for the physically-challenged to achieve their goals.

Karthik Sawhney hit the headlines in 2013 for gaining admission to Stanford University. His case was special because he had achieved that in spite of being visually challenged. In a country where such students are actively discouraged from taking up science streams on the premise that they cannot cope with the lab modules, Karthik not only took up the challenge but also scored 98.5 per cent in his higher secondary exams and subsequently won a place in Stanford University and is now working for his B.S. (Computer Science) degree.

Though it has been a struggle for Karthik, the fact remains that he was able to break the barriers and study the subject of his choice.

For many students with disabilities, the situation is still bleak and unrelenting. Even if we consider only visual and hearing impairment and disabilities involving the lower limbs, each of these involves different kinds of challenges and demands specific attention.

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