15 June 2015

What makes a city smart?

Cities make for 31% of India’s total population and contribute to over 60% of India’s GDP. It is projected that urban India will contribute almost 75% of the national GDP in the next 15 years. Smart cities will form an important part of India’s plans for development and sustainable growth and improved quality of life for all.A smart city is developed by integrating numerous smart solutions designed for specific applications. Integration of all these solutions provides invaluable data for monitoring and planning future cities. The applications are endless. Let’s consider a couple of scenarios. For instance, you may not have to wait for buses or trains because you can know their exact location, estimated time of arrival and seat availability. Such a solution would see an increase in public transport usage, and the data thus generated would enable efficient planning of India’s transport system – something that’s been high on the government’s agenda for a long time.

Imagine smart tele-medicine solutions that can save lives-smart devices mounted in ambulances and automobiles that can check patient’s health status and link it to a network of hospitals for lifesaving support from doctors during emergencies, thereby ensuring necessary help is either ready or on its way.

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